We offer a wide range of solar modules, which includes mono- and multi-crystalline solar panels for various applications, from utility to residential power generation. Conventional framed solar modules, black solar panels, flexible and adhesive solar cells, transparent photovoltaic for buildings and special solar elements




Solarpower photovoltaic products are perfect for utility-scale solar power generation projects, that have especially high requirements to efficiency and longevity. Our team can provide technical guidance at all stages of project development, from planning to commissioning and after-sales service & maintenance.

We can design complete solutions, including not only PV power generation, but also storage of the acquired solar energy. Our various energy storage solutions, as flywheel kinetic energy storage system (KESS), compressed air energy storage (CAES) and battery energy storage system (BESS), are ideal to combine with renewables, because can provide more efficient and stable energy supply to the grid.


Commercial solar systems by Storepower are
perfect solution to protect your business
from rising grid supplied electricity costs.

Our professional team can evaluate current energy
resources, develop custom design, and provide cost- and
energy-efficient solution for every business case. 

We offer complete systems, that include not only solar
panels, but also energy storage and distribution units,
including electric control systems and any other required
hardware and software for energy supply,
storing and smart distribution in local grid.

Solar power systems are suitable for any installation scenario,
whether it be your plant's sloped or flat roof, a plot of land
nearby or a parking place carport.


With our solar panels you can use renewable energy to power your home and reduce dependence on the grid. Moreover, you can lower your
electricity bill by buying less power from the grid. And with our tailor-made system solutions, that combine power generation and energy storage, you can bring your home completely off-grid.

Our team can analyse your current energy resources and consumption requirements, design your system, make direct offer and schedule your installation. Solarpower PV modules can be installed on your house rooftop, balcony, or carport, transforming your house into a modern and self-sufficient residence.